FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is BitcoinAverage?

It's an open source project designed to provide weighted average bitcoin price calculation. It utilises all exchanges where price and volume data is available.

How exactly the price is calculated?

Price is a weighted average. Meaning that for every exchange the last trade price and last 24h trading volume is taken, each exchange contributes to the final price only to the extent of it's current trading volume. For a more detailed arithmetics explanation check here.

What is global average?

Global average is a weighted average price across weighted average prices of all currencies markets represented on BitcoinAverage.
More details on our explanation page.

Who owns and controls this service?

BitcoinAverage.com is an opensource project, meaning that anybody willing to take over the maintenance and development may participate in it, in consensus with other developers. You can view list of contributors and participate yourself at github.
Right now it's managed and developed by a team of two, the lead developer of the project is alexykot.

Who uses BitcoinAverage.com?

How to contact the team?

You can send an email to bitcoinaverage@gmail.com. Also you can tweet us at twitter.com/BitcoinAverage, comment on our thread at bitcointalk.org or get in touch via github.

I want to add new exchange, report a bug or propose a feature. How do I do that?

Let us know via means proposed above.


How to use API and integrate with BitcoinAverage?

Here is the API manual, also feel free to contact us with any technical questions you have about it.

Where can I find BitcoinAverage's source code?

Our repository is public and can be found on github